Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place candles into the water beads?
Water beads work great with candles and floral arrangements.

Can I use with my live house plants?
Suggested plants include arrowroot, bamboo, Chinese evergreen, dragon plant, dracaena, palms, and spider plants.

How do I dispose of unwanted water beads?
To dispose of unwanted beads simply pour the them into flower beds, gardens or mix into soil. The gel beads are a great additive for potting and garden soils. Water beads are a non-toxic polymer substance that will not harm plants, grass or soil.

CAUTION! Water beads are extremely slippery when spilled. Never flush or pour beads down the drain, swelling will clog drain pipes. Also, do not let your children or pets ingest water beads!

How long will the beads last?
Length of life for decorative purposes (because of exposure to light) is approximately 2 years. If mixed in soil, it serves as a source for moisture retention. Since they are colored throughout they do not fade like some of the lessor quality beads available. If they start to shrink, it is simply a loss of hydration and all that you will need to do is add water.

Are they safe for kids to use?
Creative Marbles are made with a polymer gel powder and are non-toxic, ecologically neutral, and break down after their useful working life to water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen. Although non-toxic it should never be consumed or taken internally in either its granule or its gelatinous forms and it should never be used by children without constant adult supervision.

How many colors of Creative Marbles are available?
You have a choice of 12 different colors of Creative Marbles.

Will Water Beads stain my clothing, furniture, or carpet?
No! Creative Marbles are colorfast. This means that, when the gems dehydrate, the color stays with them. They will not stain other items, nor will they discolor water.