Creative Marbles Water Beads

10g pack of Creative Marbles
The 10 gram pack of Creative Marbles must be hydrated in at least one liter of water. They are available in 12 different colors that are perfect for various displays. Marbles will take between 4 and 6 hours to fully hydrate.

One 10g Packet for $5.00
Three 10g Packets for $10.00

LED Lights
The LED Lights are completely waterproof and reusable. The lights last approximately 80 to 100 hours on one replaceable 3V coin battery.
  • 3 inner LED Lights create 8 combinations
  • Setting to automatically change at random speeds
  • Push the soft button underneath to change modes

  • LED Lights

    36mL Green Plant Food
    This plant food is great for Bamboo Plants and other house hold plants. Directions as follows: Only use a couple of drops every 2 weeks directly into the soil, or take a 24oz empty bottle, and add 1 bottle of Green Plant Food and fill the rest of the bottle up with water and mist the plants every 2 weeks. This product will keep your plants healthy and works great.
    Green Plant Food